Shibuya Nights

Agitation Free Live in Tokyo


1You Play For Us Today – 6´12

2Sahara City – 2´48

3In The Silence of the Morning Sunrise – 6´22

4Shibuya Nights – 6´15

5First Communication – 6´25

6Dialogue & Random – 1´22

7Ala Tul – 6´15

8Laila – 7´38

9Nomads – 6´47

10A Quiet Walk – 6´27

11Das Kleine Uhrwerk – 4´48

12Malesch – 5´42

13Drifting – 3´54

14Rücksturz – 2´57

Michael Günther: bass

Michael Hoenig: keyboards and synths

Gustl Lütjens: guitars, acoustic guitars

Burghard Rausch: drums, percussion

Lutz Graf-Ulbrich: guitars, acoustic guitars, ukelele

Produced by Michael Hoenig

Executive Producer: Gen Fujita

Guest Musicians: Issey Ogata: ukelele

All titles composed by by Agitation Free

Recorded at Shibuya O-West, Tokyo, February 2007

Mixed by Greg Townley, Michael Hoenig and Gustl Lütjens

Remote Recording Engeneer Hirofumo Sako

Pre Mix Engeneer Souichro Nakamura

FOH-Mix: Reinhard Sydow

Mastered by L. Henry Sarmiento II at Sonic Vista Studios

Graphik Design / Layout: Thomas Ewerhard

Concerts organized by Ken Matsutani (Captain Trip Records) and Hiroshi Masuda (Poseidon)

Fotos: Teijo Kaakinen, Anne Hoenig, Burghard Rausch

Thanks to Karl-Heinz Menzel at Sonor Drums and Timo Niedenzu for drum-support, and Stephan Schmitt and Andreas Allen at Native Instruments for software relief.

Special Thanks to: Gen Fujita for making it all possible, Yoshimoto Nonaka (Security), Ken Matsutani (Captain Trip Records), Hiroshi Masuda (Poseidon), Mac „The Knife“ Okuyama, Jim Rakete, Peter Michael Hamel for Organ Modules on Ala Tul and Malesch, and J. Peter Robinson for his generous time at Rebrush Music, Los Angeles.

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